Zendaya Says She ‘Still Loves Making Music’ Even Though She's Been Focusing On Acting In Recent Years

Zendaya Says She ‘Still Loves Making Music’ Even Though She's Been Focusing On Acting In Recent Years
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It’s been quite some time since Zendaya released any songs as she’s been focusing on her acting career in the last few years instead but that is not to say she doesn’t still love making music. The artist got candid about her career during an Allure interview – here’s what she had to say!

Zendaya mentioned that while she doesn’t really have much time left for music, she loves that she still gets to sing through acting.

The multi-talented star has not released any music since her 2016 Something New.

But despite this, she made it very clear that she still loves recording, making music and just singing in general.

‘I still love making music, and still get to do it through my acting a lot of times, and just being able to work on the finale song for Euphoria was fun,’ she shared with the world in her Allure profile that was released not too long ago.

She went on to argue that ‘There is a layer of personal life I think actors get that music artists do not. They have no character to hide behind, so they have to be really open. [As actors] we get a bit of a separation.’

In other words, she believes that singers struggle more with keeping their lives private than actors do.

Speaking of, she also discussed the same issue in relation to social media.

Fortunately, it really seems like Zendaya has managed to find a balance and that has allowed her to really show off her talents and individuality.

As you know, the multi-talented celeb acts on Euphoria and she’s been largely praised for her amazing portrayal of her character.

The fact that she also got to work on music through the show was definitely an added bonus!

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