Zendaya Responds To Lindsay Lohan's Comments On Her Met Gala Dress

Zendaya Responds To Lindsay Lohan's Comments On Her Met Gala Dress
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According to a report from Harper's Bazaar, Zendaya fired back at Lindsay Lohan's remarks regarding her choice of attire at the Met Gala this year, describing her feelings toward the comments by saying she really wasn't that offended.

As it was previously reported, the Disney star was at the Met Gala this year in a Cinderella-type dress, created by the iconic designer, Tommy Hilfiger. The dress featured lights embroidered into the fabric, with her stylist waving a mag wand to light it up on command.

Following the Met Gala in May, Lindsay Lohan went on her Instagram to say that Claire Danes had formerly sported a similar gown at the Met Gala in 2016, created by Zac Posen. Lindsay suggested it was asinine to assume anybody other than Claire Danes could wear a similar dress as "chic" like her, regarding the dress worn by Claire in 2016.

Addressing the Mean Girls alum's comments in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the 22-year-old said she didn't really feel hurt by Lohan's comments. Speaking with The Daily Mail, Zendaya said she wasn't offended because she doesn't know what Lindsay is going through.

Zendaya, speaking on the truth of negativity, claimed people who often feel the need to say mean things to others are really just externalizing the very same energy that's "eating away at them."

In recent news, it was alleged by a few different outlets that Lindsay's club in Greece was closing down and her series with MTV was on its way out as well. Lohan previously said that perhaps her life wasn't as dramatic as the producers and studios had wanted.

This won't be the first time Lindsay has publicly quarreled with another celebrity. Perhaps, most recently, Lindsay and Paris Hilton were squabbling after Paris went on the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen show and said Lindsay was "lame and embarrassing."

Following a statement written by Lohan's rep which claimed Paris was merely desperate for attention, Paris addressed her comments on The Jenny McCarthy Show and said she felt bad for saying mean things about Lindsay.

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