Zendaya Prefers Cyber Monday To Black Friday; Is Super Casual While Spending Holidays With Her Family

Zendaya Prefers Cyber Monday To Black Friday; Is Super Casual While Spending Holidays With Her Family

The rush of Black Friday and it's incessant crowds does not sound like a good time to Zendaya.

In fact, the singer and actress doesn't participate in the day after Thanksgiving hysteria. She revealed that she always feels it's much too hectic and busy to even try to brave the crowds and crowds of people. Instead? She waits just a few days for Cyber Monday.

Waiting until the online deals hit is much more her speed. She can do everything in her own time, from the comfort of her home and she doesn't have to be out amongst the crowds.

Zendaya is happy to be spending time with her family this holiday season. Despite being a fashion maven and risk taker when it comes to her wardrobe on the red carpet and at events, she's much more casual and toned down around the house.

It's a comfort thing for her and it's also partly strategical. She has little cousins and nieces and she's a very hands-on nurturer. She knows it's only a matter of time before one of them spills something. So Zendaya likes to opt for sweats, t-shirts and loose fitting jeans.


It makes sense because she's such a glamorous presence when she's working, so when she's at home with the extended family, it's all about being normal, comfortable and unassuming.

In her most recent film, The Greatest Showman , she plays opposite Zac Efron and she's everything but normal as she embodies the captivating dazzle of a circus performer. She is a charming trapeze artist with stunning pink hair, elaborate outfits, and a vivacious personality.


The movie stars Hugh Jackson and follows the antics of a three-ring circus and all of the shenanigans it encompasses.

Zendaya has had quite the impressive career. As a once child star, she's managed to blossom into a successful actress and singer who is really breaking into the movie word. She's also managed to remain incredibly level-headed and gracious through it all, while also speaking out about social injustices and giving her time and resources to philanthropic efforts.

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