Zendaya Celebrates 21st Birthday And Asks People To Donate To Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Zendaya Celebrates 21st Birthday And Asks People To Donate To Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts
Source: Zendaya Instagram

Zendaya celebrated her 21st birthday on September 1 and she proved once again that she's an excellent role model for young girls worldwide. Just one day before, when Zendaya could have been posting selfies or chased by paparazzi as she spent her nights clubbing, the Disney actress, singer, and model was using her public platform to solicit donations for Hurricane Harvey victims. She shared a video PSA that has since gone viral and is raising funds for Convoy of Hope.

Zendaya recently starred in Spiderman: A Homecoming and continues to lead the Disney television show K.C. Undercover and is in high demand as an actress, singer, and entertainer. Unlike her former co-star Bella Thorne, Zendaya has not taken on more mature or adult roles, has not been photographed by paparazzi engaging in inappropriate behavior, and at 21-years-old, maintains a reputation that makes her suitable for Disney shows. She also has no plans to drink alcohol now that she's of legal age.

Zendaya also proved how much of a role model she is for the young girls who look up and admire her when she posted on her official blog about not drinking alcohol, even though she's 21. In the post, Zendaya said that the Hollywood industry is challenging enough for her to complicate things by drinking and losing control of herself. She also pointed out that if she doesn't need the vice, why should she pick it up?

Disney is known to cut ties with their actors and actresses once their lives begin spiraling out of control. Shows may end or become canceled, and though they may still be part of the Disney family, it's evident that they want good role models on screen for kids.

At 21-years-old, Zendaya has become one of the few child actresses to remain level-headed, sober, and in control of her career without the mishaps, downfalls, and scandals many find themselves in. Her show is still in production and it appears we can expect Zendaya to continue to produce wholesome, family-friendly entertainment for her millions of fans.

What do you think about Zendaya's decision to fund raise for Hurricane Harvey victims and abstain from alcohol on her birthday?

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