Zayn Talks Taylor Swift, New Album

Zayn Talks Taylor Swift, New Album
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Zayn spoke to the Fader and answered 25 questions, including how he felt about Taylor Swift. In 2016, Zayn and Taylor Swift teamed up for the song "I Don't Want To Live Forever" that was part of the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. The song was nominated for awards and won the best collaboration trophy at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). In the Fader interview, Zayn was asked some questions about his opinion of Taylor Swift. As both Zayn and Taylor Swift have new albums coming out this year, it might seem the two would be competitive. Instead, Zayn only had positive statements to make about Taylor.

Zayn was asked if he could relate to Taylor's position and the comment was made that some people aren't big fans of her new music. Zayn responded that Taylor and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid are close friends. He also made it clear that he doesn't follow press, especially when it's dealing with someone's personal, professional, or private life. It seemed from Zayn's response that he doesn't follow tabloid press. He remarked that he can relate to Taylor receiving negative press because he deals with that aspect of fame on a continual basis.


Speaking specifically about Taylor Swift, Zayn stated that he thinks she is cool, works hard, and deserves her success. He made it clear that he had nothing negative to say about Taylor.

Zayn dropped his new single Dusk Till Dawn that features Sia earlier this week and spoke about that relationship. He indicated that he and Sia did not meet face to face and work on the song together. Instead, he laid down tracks, Sia heard it, and then added her own vocals. Zayn said he would love to work with Sia in the studio. If you haven't heard Dusk Till Dawn , you can watch it in the video player below.

Zayn has been making headline news the past month for his relationship with Gigi Hadid, his new single "Dusk Till Dawn," winning a VMA, shaving his head bald , and opening up about depression and suffering from anxiety.

Have you listened to Zayn's new single Dusk Till Dawn ? What did you think about his comments regarding Taylor Swift? Were you surprised that he only had positive things to say about her?

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