Zayn Malik Confesses He Felt Like An ‘Outsider’ In One Direction!

Zayn Malik Confesses He Felt Like An ‘Outsider’ In One Direction!

This may be heartbreaking for the diehard One Direction fans, but Zayn Malik made it very clear he and the rest of the members were never friends and he always felt like an ‘outsider’ while in the boy band. Does he regret joining the group in the first place?

Zayn Malik got candid about his former bandmates during an interview with British Vogue and was not afraid to make some shocking statements!

The singer revealed that ever since 1D split, he cut all ties with the other boys.

‘I haven't spoken to any of them for a very long time, to be honest with you. That is just the way it is. There are things that happen and things which were said after I left. Snide things. Small things I would've never expected. I've always been a little bit like that, though – always a bit of an island. I do not like to confer in with too many people,’ the star shared with the outlet.

Furthermore, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Zayn doe not look back at his time in One Direction with a lot of fondness, even though it launched his career and is responsible for getting him where he is now. It was a very difficult time for him, and he never felt like he bonded with the other guys, he always felt like an outsider, and with all of that traveling and being away from home so much he felt alone a lot of the time.’

That is so sad! Especially because in the eyes of the fans, the bandmates were like family.

Now, Zayn has a pretty successful solo career, and it goes without saying that he would never go back, even though, technically, One Direction is only on hiatus and many may be expecting them to reunite at some point.

‘When he left the band to do his own thing, Zayn felt a lot of resentment from the other guys, and it definitely wasn’t the friendliest of partings, which isn’t all that surprising given their relationship pre-split. It was a huge relief to Zayn to be on his own and to finally be free to do his own thing. He doesn’t regret being in 1D, it made him the man he is today, but there’s no way he'll ever be joining the others for any reunion shows in the future,’ the insider went on to say.

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