Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Broken Up Again? - Here's Why Fans Think So!

Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid Broken Up Again? - Here's Why Fans Think So!
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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik looked like they were doing great after previously rekindling their romance, but now, it is believed that they might have broken up once again! Here are the clues that have gotten fans convinced they are no longer together!

First of all, the shippers are worried that Gigi and Zayn did not show one another any love on social media during the holidays, a time for much affection.

But in fact, Zayn not only did not dedicate a sweet and romantic message to his girlfriend, he does not even follow her on social media!

That being said, the supermodel did post a super cute throwback post on Christmas day, featuring her and her sister Bella as children sitting in Santa’s lap while their mother Yolanda was standing next to the girls.

‘Wishing everyone celebrating a very Merry Christmas,’ Gigi captioned the snap, without even mentioning the former One Direction member!

The two used to show off their love everywhere -  be it on social media, in Zayn’s music videos or on the cover of magazines like Vogue!

He hasn’t been on her platform since October 21 however, when she shared a pic of the two of them cuddling together.

‘Flyin home to my happy place,’ she captioned the selfie posted over two months ago!

Earlier today, Zayn, who’s shaved his head, could be seen in a picture with his cousin Jawaad Saeed, goofing off.

The cousin captioned the pic with a cryptic message that sparked even more breakup rumors.

‘Through best and worst, take a bullet for you. Keep happy my bro.’

Worried fans reacted! Here are a few comments: ‘Is he okay?? Two posts from relatives give me the feeling that there is something wrong…And this caption worries me…Please tell us he is fine and okay… / Plz tell us if Zayn's ok??we're worried, and plz tell him we love him so much. / I am worried, what’s happened???’

Could it be that the singer is mourning the end of his love story?

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