Zara Larsson Apologizes To James Charles After Slamming Him For Flirting With Her Boyfriend Via DMs

Zara Larsson Apologizes To James Charles After Slamming Him For Flirting With Her Boyfriend Via DMs
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The singer decided to issue an apology after she previously revealed that James Charles slid into her boyfriend’s DMs even though he knew he was straight, only adding to the YouTuber’s scandal. Now, however it turns out that Zara Larsson wishes she never got involved in the drama.

The star took to Twitter and her Instagram Stories today to explain that ‘When I wrote that tweet saying you hit up my boyfriend, I never expected it to blow up the way it did. I feel extra bad since I later on corrected myself and took the tweet down after my boyfriend showed me the DM. It really was not that bad.’

Her apology follows James’ own response to her claims.

The makeup artist posted a video in which he slammed Larsson for being a hypocrite since she herself met her significant other by flirting with him on social media.

Zara went on to explain that, while she understands where James is coming from, it’s still not Okay to flirt with someone you know is already in a relationship.

‘Of course you’re allowed to flirt with people online, like I did, and to call someone beautiful in the comments is only nice! No harm done. I do think it’s disrespectful though to try it with someone who is taken and I must admit I have a hard time believing you didn’t know that we were in a relationship since he posts about me,’ the artist wrote.

She went on to also explain that, what she really had a problem with is that her boyfriend is not the only straight man James flirted with, something she doesn’t condone.

After all, the core of James’ scandal is that he would supposedly try and manipulate straight men into thinking they might be gay or just not factor their sexuality in at all since he believed being famous means he’d get whoever he wants.

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