Zach Braff Admits That Hanging Around Halle Berry Isn't Easy - "I Think I Pulled It Off"

Zach Braff Admits That Hanging Around Halle Berry Isn't Easy - "I Think I Pulled It Off"
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During a new interview, Zach Braff dished on his latest star-struck experiences while attending a Hollywood party. The actor revealed that despite being around celebrities frequently, including some of the best talents in the scene, there are still moments of awe.

The actor stated he was at a party on Friday night and got to hang out with Halle Berry momentarily. The actor said he did his best to look as cool as possible, but thinks there might've been a chink in his armor, or in other words: he might've looked nervous.

The writer/director/actor asked Halle through the camera if he managed to look cool. Something tells us Berry probably thinks his nerves were at least cute.

Zach isn't alone in his admiration of Halle, R & B artist Trey Songz bragged about sliding into Berry's DM's. The singer joked on Twitter that he was hoping it would work out.

However, unfortunately for Trey, Halle criticized his comments in a later interview where she said she didn't understand what he meant by saying their potential relationship could be for "the culture."

In addition to Braff's dishing on the encounter with the Academy Award-winner - and the first African-American woman to win - Zach said the last time he laughed hard was when watching Dave Chappelle's latest special, Equanimity.

As you may know, Dave recently released two Netflix specials to a lot of fanfare, despite less-than-great reviews from critics. Chappelle came under fire for criticizing women who accused Louis CK of sexual misconduct, as well as his comments on transgender people.

For further background, Dave said he felt "jealous," because trans people are now becoming the victimized minority rather than black people. The legendary comic stated that if black people want further defensive tactics, perhaps they should put on a pair of high-heels.

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