Zac Efron Undergoes ACL Surgery Following Injury On A Ski-Slope

Zac Efron Undergoes ACL Surgery Following Injury On A Ski-Slope
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According to a new report, Zac Efron got himself into some trouble after he tore his ACL on the ski slopes recently. Mr. Efron had to get surgery to fix the muscle in his leg, which is arguably one of the most common injuries that athletes endure.

The star of Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile shared the news on his social media account this past Friday, February 8th. On Twitter, the longtime Hollywood star sits in a wheelchair with his left knee in a knee brace. You can check out the Twitter post below.

In the image, Zac sticks out his tongue and then flashes the "hang loose" symbol. The 31-year-old actor wrote, "I tore my ACL shredding the gnar," while adding the emoji and sad face emoticon. Zac said that everything was "good" because he opted for surgery to have it all fixed.

Zac has actually been injured before, in fact, the High School Musical alum was hurt in November 2013. In Los Angeles, Zac had to have his jaw wired shut and said the experience was "pretty gnarly." Two months later during an appearence on Jimmy Kimmel Live! , Zac spoke about the incident in detail, describing it as quite unpleasant.

According to the Good Neighbors star, he has a fountain at his house and when he was running Zac slipped on water and hit his chin on the fountain. And just four months after the incident, a homeless person punched him in the face.

The actor claims that a man was very unhappy that he threw a bottle out of his car window while waiting for a tow truck to arrive in the Los Angeles Skid Row neighborhood. Efron said to the police officers who then spoke with TMZ that it was one of the hardest punches he had ever received in his life.

Unfortunately, after he told his story, a lot of people on social media took some pleasure in the fact that a celebrity was punched in the face by a homeless man. The haters didn't win, however, because Zac's latest film inspired by the horrible actions of Ted Bundy, has received considerable praise.

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