Zac Efron Slammed By Social Media Users For Not Singing Alongside Former HSM Castmates

Zac Efron Slammed By Social Media Users For Not Singing Alongside Former HSM Castmates
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When Zac Efron was invited to the Disney Family Singalong - that was close to a High School Musical reunion - alongside many of his former cast-mates, fans were thrilled to see him back to his roots. However, when the actor didn't sing, fans online were not happy.

During the Disney Family Singalong on the 16th of April, Hollywood Life reported, Zac Efron was there to introduce the performance but never actually sang any lines. Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, and Vanessa Hudgens, however, all sang the song, "We're All In This Together."

Efron, on the other hand, only filmed a short introduction to the program. The host of the show, Ryan Seacrest, explained that Zac didn't have very good Wi-Fi and the video also had a poor connection, however, fans online were still dissatisfied with the fact he didn't sing.

Twitter users posted a plethora of messages after the program aired, including GIFs and other memes to show just how disappointed they were for Zac's short appearence. Apparently, they expected the actor to invest in the performance as much as his former co-stars.

Fans of High School Musical know that Zac portrayed Troy Bolton in all of the movies. Zac never sang in the first movie at all, and he didn't join the rest of his former castmates when they toured for it either. Moreover, Zac and Vanessa Hudgens famously dated until they finally broke up in 2010, meaning, there may still be some awkwardness there.

In other words, it looks like Zac has since moved on from the High School Musical franchise. These days, the actor has transitioned into more dramatic and sometimes even comedic roles, including his starring role in the Seth Rogen-led film, Neighbors.

Efron shifted gears again when he starred as Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile . Zac's performance was critically acclaimed, but the overall reception to the movie as a whole was mixed.

The film received a limited theatrical release, however, Netflix later acquired the digital rights for $9 million.

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