Zac Efron Reportedly ‘Crazy About’ GF Vanessa Valladares And 'Can't Wait' To Introduce Her To His Family!

Zac Efron Reportedly ‘Crazy About’ GF Vanessa Valladares And 'Can't Wait' To Introduce Her To His Family!
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The actor and his new lady love met back in July and it sounds like they are still going strong! In fact, they are apparently so serious that Zac Efron cannot wait for his girlfriend, Vanessa Valladares, to meet his family.

This is what an insider report claims to know about Zac’s relatively new relationship that is apparently evolving really fast!

He and Vanessa Valladares have been seen in public together many times all throughout Australia and are just inseparable!

Now, several sources have been claiming that he is ‘crazy about’ the model and also dished via HollywoodLife on where things stand between the couple at the moment.

‘Zac is crazy about Vanessa and he loves that she’s not from the Hollywood scene, but still fits in so comfortably with any crowd. She is so down to earth and doesn’t care about impressing people because she has a laid back personality and does not stress over details. Zac cannot wait for Vanessa to meet his family back in the US because his family means the world to him,’ one source says.

The High School Musical actor has a very close relationship with his parents and brother so introducing his new girlfriend to them would be a huge step for them as a couple.

The insider went on to dish that ‘Even though Zac already knows they’ll adore Vanessa and he’s talked plenty about her to them, he wants them to actually meet her because their approval is everything to him. Zac will star in Three Men and a Baby but production hasn’t started yet and things are still up in the air. It hasn’t been decided where filming will take place so Zac doesn’t know where he’ll need to be when it happens.’

Zac has been apparently craving a ‘normal’ romance for a long time and that is exactly what the aspiring model has managed to give him.


With that being said, it makes sense that he is so happy to date someone away from the spotlight.


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