Zac Efron Reportedly Airlifted To Private Hospital After Medical Crisis - Details!

Zac Efron Reportedly Airlifted To Private Hospital After Medical Crisis - Details!
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Reports say that the actor was rushed to the hospital while shooting his brand new TV show before the holidays. Zac Efron supposedly suffered a scary medical emergency.

Now, however, E! News reports that he was seen back in the States, looking healthy so maybe there is no reason to worry about his health anymore.

This was more than a week ago as he’s been back after wrapping up filming overseas.

It all started with the Australian Sunday Telegraph newspaper revealing yesterday that Zac had contacted a typhoid or a similar bacterial infection while in Papua New Guinea.

The actor was there to film for his series, ironically titled Killing Zac Efron.

Allegedly, because of the medical problem, emergency workers ended up airlifting the star to a Brisbane, Australia airport, from where he was then taken to a private hospital to receive the help he needed.

The same outlet also mentioned that Zac remained in the hospital for a few days until he was finally allowed by the doctors there to travel back to America and spend Christmas Eve at home.

While the news about Efron’s medical emergency was never confirmed by him or a rep of his, Medical Rescue Group’s Dr. Glenn McKay did share with the Daily Telegraph that they ‘retrieved a U.S. citizen in his 30s from PNG to Brisbane recently for medical attention in Australia. [He was] admitted to St Andrews War Memorial Hospital in a stable condition.’

When asked to reveal the patient’s identity, the medical specialist refused to share a name.

Regardless, it’s great to hear that Zac Efron is all recovered and doing Okay these days, as per reports.

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