Yovanna Momplaisir Tells All About Her Explosive Online Feud With NeNe Leakes

Yovanna Momplaisir Tells All About Her Explosive Online Feud With NeNe Leakes
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Yovanna Momplaisir and NeNe Leakes had an explosive back and forth on social media following the RHOA reunion episode! As you may know, the season reunion was shot virtually because of the pandemic and the quarantine orders but the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars still managed to bring on the drama despite not being in the same room.

As for the reason why there was so much tension between Yovanna and NeNe, the RHOA newcomer shared via HollywoodLife that ‘What I posted last night was responses to some things that NeNe was posting.’

Supposedly, things got really heated during the reunion taping and the ladies were not able to solve their differences.

As a result, their conflict continued afterwards as well, on Instagram!

Text messages between the two were made public as they were arguing over who is to blame for the ‘Snakegate’ scandal and things just kept on escalating!

‘She has since deleted the things that she posted on social media and it’s just funny that these are things that she did not come to the reunion with. In fact, in my entire segment with her she chose to leave and not address anything. So, it’s just strange, because she should have planned her case where she’s paid to,’ Yovanna went on to dish.

Of course, she could not give much detail on what happened between she and NeNe during the virtual reunion as she did not want to spoil everything for the viewers.

Instead, she teased fans by saying that ‘You guys are gonna have to watch the reunion. Every single thing is laid out there.’

At this point in time, it is already known that Yovanna has accepted blame for the infamous scandal but she claims that NeNe is only telling part of the story and that the sole reason why she is so mad at her is that she is ‘about to be exposed.’


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