Youtuber Nikkie Tutorials Makes Fans Proud After She Reveals She's Transgender

Youtuber Nikkie Tutorials Makes Fans Proud After She Reveals She's Transgender
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Youtuber Nikkie Tutorials has made a name for herself over the last decade as a gorgeous plus size makeup guru. Recently, the mogul has decided to be honest with her fans about a secret that she intended to keep for a while longer.

Nikkie De Jager was born male and transitioned to female. Unfortunately, someone threatened her with blackmail which caused her to decide to come out to her fans.

'I can't believe I'm saying this today to all of you for the entire world to see. But damn, it feels good to finally do it. It is time to let go and be truly free. When I was younger, I was born in the wrong body, which means that I am transgender now.'

In the video titled 'I'm Coming Out,' she went on to describe her brave journey that started when she was a child.

She also gave a message to those struggling with who they are.

'If you feel like you're trapped and there's no way out, know that it gets better. Trust me, it gets better.'

Since then. she has received an overwhelming amount of support from her peers and fans.

'Dear Nikkie, the whole tribe is supporting you! We are so proud of the courage you have shown in expressing your true self. Much lov,' wrote one commentator.

'As if I didn’t already love you enough. Unbelievably happy and proud of you. Forever my makeup queen!' added another.

This follower said: 'Stay exactly as you are Nikkie. You are unique and most of all an inspiration to many around the world. You make me proud to be Dutch .'

While another commented: ' I am so happy for you I’m so proud of you you’re so beautiful I cried happy tears watching you.'

It's great to see that Nikkie turned a negative situation into a positive one.

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