Youtuber Myka Stauffers Is Being Investigated By Authorities After 'Rehoming' Autistic Adopted Son

Youtuber Myka Stauffers Is Being Investigated By Authorities After 'Rehoming' Autistic Adopted Son
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Myka Stauffer's decision to give away her adopted son to a person who can fit his needs better came as a controversial one. Now, the mommy blogger is being investigated by authorities.

Myka is a vlogger who rose to Youtube fame by sharing videos of her children. Years ago, she revealed that she adopted a son from China. She knew that he was severely autistic and would even share vlogs about dealing with a child with special needs.

The videos, of course, are monetized. So when viewers found out that she gave her son away after things got too hard -- they called her out for using the toddler for views and then rehoming him like a pet.

Recently, an investigation was launched concerning the child's welfare.

Buzzfeed News reported that the Delaware County Sheriff's Office was notified by many about this situation.

The community and media relations manager Tracy Whited told the publication: 'Our primary concern is for the well-being of this child, as well as the other children in the household. Our investigation is ongoing, and will include contact with all children to ensure their safety. All adoption cases are confidential, and must go through a thorough process, with specific requirements and safeguards. In private adoptions there are the same legal requirements that must be adhered to. These include home studies as well as background checks on the adopting parent(s). In this case we are confident that the appropriate process is occurring.'

She went on to say that both Stauffer and the woman she gave Huxley to are both being represented by attorneys.

This comes after Myka told her fans that Huxley was in more capable hands and insisted that the 4-year-old 'agreed' to it.

'The reason we haven't updated you sooner is because the medical professionals, the agencies, multiple people have been allowing for Huxley to spend time with some different people to see and to make the perfect match and fit for his now new forever family. From the updates we've gotten from the agency and through the adoption agency, like, they were able to place him in what they felt was, literally, the perfect match.'

Do you think Stauffer should face consequences for what she did?

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