Young Thug Will Release New Album Soon - Punk

Young Thug Will Release New Album Soon - Punk
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According to a report from Billboard, Young Thug is gearing up to release yet another album just after he finished So Much Fun . In an interview with The Fader, YT revealed he's got another album sitting on the shelves, with the moniker, Punk, and he's hoping to get it out there in the ether in the next few months.

The Atlanta artist, however, didn't reveal whether the record would have a punk-rock vibe to it, as the title might suggest. Thug stated that he believes much of the tracks are "touching," adding that the world will likely embrace what he has to say this time around.

Young Thug said to the outlet that being punk means to be "conscious," as well as "patient" and "authentic." The rapper claims it means for a person to be non-self-centered.

Thugger, who is one of the biggest names in hip-hop at the moment, believes his newest album will introduce "real rap" to the world once again.

According to YT, rap music is about being vulnerable and letting people know your struggles, that way a connection can be made. Apparently, a connection isn't something that's been made between Young Thug and Lil' Wayne.

Reported first by, the Atlanta rapper sat down with radio DJs from 92.3 Real, and dished on his sometimes turbulent relationship with Lil' Wayne. Fans of the two rappers know they haven't always been on good terms.

Young Thug said to the hosts, "I don't know, I don't think that n*gga like me." His personal theory is that Lil' Wayne has been a massive superstar since the beginnings of his career, moreover, his relationship with Birdman has helped him.

In other words, Young Thug appeared to insinuate that Lil' Wayne has just gotten used to a certain degree of success and infamy. Now that other people in the hip-hop scene are topping the charts, it may be a tough pill to swallow for an aging artist. Lil' Wayne released his 12th record, Tha Carter V , after a long lawsuit with Birdman last year.

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