Younes Bendjima Spotted Wrapping His Arm Around Kourtney Kardashian On Date At Malibu Fair

Younes Bendjima Spotted Wrapping His Arm Around Kourtney Kardashian On Date At Malibu Fair

Kourtney Kardashian and her hunky boyfriend, Younes Bendjima, spent September 1 at the Malibu Fair where they were seen looking comfy together. Check out the details about their night out.

It's hard not to love and care about Kourtney. After years and years of heartache with Scott Disick and his wild lifestyle, it is really a relief to see her settling down in what looks to be a very healthy relationship with her younger beau, Younes.

They seem really happy together, and this is the reason for which their cute trip to Malibu Fair was more adorable.

While they were leaving the fair, Younes was spotted with his arm casually around Kourtney, and she was holding his hand over her shoulder.

They really seem to be at home with each other, and it appears someone is a pretty good shot. We say this because Kourtney was carting along two stuffed animals from the festivities.

Younes probably won those for her. Even if everyone thought that this relationship was going to be nothing more than a fling, they appear to be really going strong and serious.

As we previously reported, all this time together isn’t sitting too well with Kourt’s baby daddy Scott, who is said to be fuming over her falling for Younes!

'Scott really isn’t happy about Kourtney dating Younes. He hates the fact that Younes is younger and hotter, and it drives Scott crazy jealous that Kourtney is really into him,' a source close to Scott previously stated.

'Scott has always assumed that Kourtney would be there waiting for him, no matter what. He thought that he could go off and party, hook up with other girls and disappear for weeks on end and that Kourtney would just take him back,' the insider continued.

'It has been a really severe shock to Scott’s system to realize that’s not the case, and that Kourtney’s moved on.' Anyway, good for you, Kourtney!


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