You Season Three Is Already Being Worked On!

You Season Three Is Already Being Worked On!
Credit: Source: Business Insider

You the show has found a new life on Netflix since its 2018 premiere on Lifetime. The fan-favorite has not only been greenlit for another season but is also already being worked on just six weeks after its second installment premiered.

Executive producer Sera Gamble took to Twitter to share a photo of a doormat that read 'hello YOU.'

She accompanied the picture with a caption that read: 'We’ve started work on season 3. Just thought you’d want to know.'

You is a dramatic thriller that follows a self-loathing guy named Joe Goldberg who can't help but hurt the ones he loves. During last season, he moved from New York to LA where he fell for a woman named Love.

Without giving away too much, their 'happily ever after' is unlike one you've ever seen before.


Speaking of Sera, she recently revealed that the show has the potential to go on many more years.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: 'I never like to jinx things by being too specific one way or the other. I will say that we have a lot of stories still to tell. I am not scared at all of saying that we definitely could follow Joe for several more seasons. That being said, it's a tough TV landscape right now. There's about 10 billion TV shows and orders are shorter and there's more competition, so we never really save anything for later seasons. Our rule of thumb is always just if we have a great idea we're going to give it to you right now. Because we believe in the world that Caroline [Kepnes, who wrote the books on which the series is based] gave us and we believe in these characters, we just know they'll keep finding really f***** up s*** to get into.'

Fans of You have already stated that although the show is 'toxic' they can't wait to see what's in store for the characters.

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