YFN Lucci Gets Slammed For His Latest Addition Following Reginae Carter Split - Check Out His Video

YFN Lucci Gets Slammed For His Latest Addition Following Reginae Carter Split - Check Out His Video
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It seems that Toya Wright and Lil Wayne's daughter, Reginae Carter and her BF YFN Lucci are not a couple anymore. Both of them have been posting really suggestive things to hint that they're done for good this time.

After the rumors that she and Lucci are done, it seems that the young lady is rocking various revenge looks , not to mention her revenge body.

She’s been killing it in the gym as well, and we already shared a few videos that she posted to show off her hard work and toned body.

Now, Lucci is out there flaunting his own new addition on his body. Check out the video:

People don't like what he did at all.

Someone said 'Wow bless his heart....there is no possible way that he thinks this is attractive....very immature and ridiculous 2 say the least!!! Money put in the wrong hands!! Smh...yes ladies find the BEST man four u!!! Trust and believe this is not it!!!🙄😔'

Another follower posted 'Dam he can't even open a pack of sauce cause his teeth don't touch.'

One commenter noted something pretty interesting: 'Why don’t you ever see Jay-Z or Diddy like this. Get money and have to wear it around your neck and in your mouth. 🤷🏾‍♀️'

Someone else had a health-related observation to make: 'you know how much can build up within those six months? 🤢 He better do three months. If he were smart, he would have gotten grills.'

Another follower said 'Lawd how do you brush those?! Honestly, can you pay off my student loans with your teeth?'

Someone said 'My uncle had permanent diamonds and gold teeth like that and he started doing crack, and the dope boys knocked his teeth out to pawn, he managed to keep a few and fought them off, he was a former boxer. Then later took his own teeth out to pawn. SMH!😕'

What do you think about what Lucci did?

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