Yes, Will Reeve Who Was On Good Morning America Without His Pants On Is 'Superman' Christopher Reeve's Son

Yes, Will Reeve Who Was On Good Morning America Without His Pants On Is 'Superman' Christopher Reeve's Son
Credit: Source: Will Reeve/Instagram

Will Reeve made headline news when he was spotted giving a report on Good Morning America without his pants on, but many are asking why he looks familiar. Will Reeve is the son of the late Christopher Reeve who played Superman in the popular film series that ranged from the late 70s to 80s and the late Dana Reeve who sadly passed away two years following her husband. Christopher Reeve had two previous children from his relationship with Gae Exton: Alexandra and Matthew Reeve who is a writer, director, and producer. Many people remember when Will Reeve lost both of his parents at the tender age of only 13-years-old, and have been happy to see him on television as a reporter.

Will Reeve acted in several movies as a child and has done voice work, but he currently works as a journalist for ABC. Now, everyone is talking about the 6'4 27-year-old after his Good Morning America snafu went viral.

Apparently, when Will was working from home, he had a full and busy morning, had been pressed for time, and chose not to put his pants on. He didn't account for camera Angeles that were going to show his legs and the garment he had on — he says they were shorts — some say they were underpants. Either way, Will Reeve was not wearing any pants!

You may see a report discussing Will Reeve's pantless snafu in the video player below.

The story went viral and Will had to speak out about it himself. He shared about the embarrassing incident on his official Twitter account.

Will is taking it all in stride and has said he hoped everyone had a good laugh. Though going pantless is certainly one way to leave an impression, it is the type of lighthearted break many people needed due to the stress of the Coronavirus pandemic. The act has also helped put Will Reeve in the spotlight and has given him more publicity than he could have ever prepared for.

What do you think about Will Reeve going pantless on Good Morning America ? Did you see the episode when it aired live?

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