Yaya Mayweather Shows Off Her Baby Bump In New IG Post

Yaya Mayweather Shows Off Her Baby Bump In New IG Post
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This week, the daughter of the iconic boxer, Floyd Mayweather , showed off her Thanksgiving outfit in addition to her baby bump. Yaya Mayweather , 20, is currently pregnant with NBA Young Boy's baby and fans know it's something she has been showing off on social media a lot lately.

Hot New Hip Hop claims that approximately one week ago, she shared a picture of herself wearing a bright blue, cookie-splattered, outfit like the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street . The outfit clearly put her baby bump on display.

Put simply, Mayweather hasn't been shy about showing off her pregnancy with NBA Young Boy, even though they've certainly run into their problems over the last few months. For instance, Yaya and Young Boy were in the headlines when it was revealed that she had stabbed another woman who was at his home.

For months, fans wondered if she was pregnant with Young Boy's baby, but it was finally confirmed when Floyd explained his thoughts toward her relationship with the young rapper. Afterward, Yaya came out and said she was, in fact, pregnant with the rapper's baby.


At the time, Floyd explained how he tried not to get involved with his daughter's business because she's 20-years-old and she's currently living outside of his home. He said she was no longer "under his roof" so he couldn't do much about what she was up to.

Floyd went on to say that he couldn't comment on what was going on between them, but he did touch on how he thought it started "in the home first," appearing to insinuate that familial problems were the root case of societal breakdown.

Floyd went on to say that he always taught his daughter to be respectful of other people's homes and how they went about things. Regarding NBA Young Boy, Floyd said he thought of him as a "child" because of his age and he didn't have much to say about him.


Since the news of her pregnancy became publicly known, Yaya has been a lot more open about her personal life. The boxer's daughter and the rapper showed off their baby shower on the 'Gram earlier this year as well.

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