Yandy Smith Has Some Big News - She's About To Become A Foster Mom!

Yandy Smith Has Some Big News - She's About To Become A Foster Mom!
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Yandy Smith just became a mother. According to a report from BET.com, Yandy Smith, the Love and Hip Hop alum, is getting ready to become a foster parent - the reality star shared the news with her followers online.

In an Instagram post, the L&HH star offered some details to her fans and dished on how her potential foster child, Infinity Gilyard, would be soon done deliberating in a family court in the Big Apple.

On the 'Gram, Yandy explained how her relationship with the young girl began three years ago after they had spoken at Gilyard's school.

Yandy and the young girl became close friends as the years went on, and she accepted the role as mentor as a part of the Parents Uplifting Our Daughters program - a non-profit organization dedicated to helping out disenfranchised youth.

In the video she shared to Instagram, the reality star said to the camera, "The judge approved of everything!" The Love And Hip Hop star added, "Infinity can come back to my house."

You can check out the video below to see it for yourself:

As you may know, the United States has long had a history of foster care for abandoned children. Ever since the mid-19th century, the efforts of Charles Loring Brace have had a lasting impact.

At that time in American history, in New York City, for instance, there were some 30,000 children living in ghettos and slums, without guardians or parents to take care of them. Brace took these children and gave them to parents throughout the country, effectively beginning the program from the grassroots up to where it is today.

In his view, it was to save the children from a "life of suffering." Charles used what went on to become aptly titled, The Orphan Train Movement, as he used a train to ship the kids off to a home.

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