XXXTentacion Fans Are Crying After Jenesis Sanchez Posted New Picture Of His Two-Month-Old Son Gekyume

XXXTentacion Fans Are Crying After Jenesis Sanchez Posted New Picture Of His Two-Month-Old Son Gekyume
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A new picture of baby Gekyume, (pronounced GEK-yoom), the son of late rapper XXXTentacion, has surfaced online, and it is melting hearts.

XXXTentacion's baby mama, Jenesis Sanchez, has just unveiled a new photo of Gekyume who is now two months old.

Cleopatra Bernard, XXX’s mom, was the one who announced the pregnancy, and since the birth of the baby boy, Jenesis has done an interview to talk about the artist and the reason for the name.

She said: "Gekyume means the different state or next universe of thought. And yes, Jahseh picked out this name before he passed away. I know it's kind of hard to say, Gekyume. So, he goes by Yume."

One fan replied: "He's adorable but did anyone notice his cute 🥰That weird moment when you thought to yourself.....”wow he actually looks like a Gekyume.” 😳😅

Another commenter wrote: "I literally cried when they revealed his name. I remember when x first created that word. Oh my gosh, I got chills, this baby stole his eyes. Such a beautiful thing.❤️"

This supporter claimed: "His dad was also very young and unguided by an absentee father and mother, raised by the streets and his grandmother. He was trying to become a better man in the music industry and having the background he did he was starting to change his past image , there are grown men twice his age not learning from their mistakes so how about we applaud the ones who were recognizing their consequences and not staying a mess with an excuse for every bad decision, I mean that's what we want for every young person that makes mistakes right? to know they can still turn around for the better if they lose that then all hope is gone and every young person will never be successful. Do you want to tell all the young men in your life once you make bad decisions don't bother trying to be a better person? because by your comment that what I suspect you would say. Sorry your that perfect but most of us are not. And I will always let every person especially a young man or women know that trying to be a better person is always achievable."

XXXTentacion's legacy lives on.

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