Xscape Member Tamika Scott Collapses On Stage During Wild Concert!

Xscape Member Tamika Scott Collapses On Stage During Wild Concert!
Source: bravotv.com

After a wardrobe change went askew, Xscape member Tamika Scott fell, slamming to the stage during one of the girl group’s shows. The accident, which took place on December 2, was caught on camera by fans who were attending the concert at the time and it definitely looked very painful.

Often, artists who perform need to be very aware of their space on stage when it comes to choreos and other epic stage movements but what sent the 42-year-old to the ground was, in fact, an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

During a fast change, the girl group member got caught in her own jumpsuit and met the ground in a not very gracious way.

At the time, Xscape was performing at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte.

Like the pro she is, Tamika picked herself up immediately, and, while the fans were cheering her on, she recovered just in time for the next song.

But even though it wasn’t the best night Tamika has ever had, luckily for her, people were able to focus on other things as well, aside from her collapse.

Her bandmate, Tiny Harris was in the spotlight quite a lot actually!

The woman debuted her hot blue hair that night and managed to turn a lot of heads.

In addition, her twerking skills also helped draw attention away from Tamika’s accident.

Aside from the two attention-grabbing bandmates, Kandi Burruss and LaTocha Scott were also there rocking the stage.

Everyone was really excited to see Kandi join the other women considering rumors have been going around that she decided to leave the band.

In fact, for quite some time now, fans have been very worried the band is going to break up again before releasing a full album.

What do you think about Tamika’s incident? Do you believe she was professional enough about it?


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