Wyclef Jean Reveals "It's Lonely At The Top" When You're A Celebrity

Wyclef Jean Reveals "It's Lonely At The Top" When You're A Celebrity
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It's been almost ten years since Wyclef Jean - the Grammy Award-winning artist - released his last studio record, but now, the former candidate for the president of Haiti is stepping back into the music world with his newest album, The Carnival III.

In an interview with People Magazine, he said, "coming back into music is like drinking water," because it's a natural space of belonging to him - Jean is at home when he's writing and recording.

However, there was a point where his perspective was different almost a decade ago. The producer had to take a step away from the music scene for personal fulfillment reasons.

In a slightly pretentious manner, Jean compared himself to John Lennon saying, "It was like when John Lennon left The Beatles" to "find himself." He added, "I don't think people understand when you say it's lonely at the top."


The decision to embark on a personal development journey away from music began after the earthquake in Haiti devastated the country in 2010.

According to Wyclef, going into politics was one of the hardest things he had ever done, and despite his failure, he is glad he went down that path because he felt he had to make a sacrifice for his country.

He added that the attention created due to his running is the reason for the government in Haiti being "much younger" than predecessors. As for why, specifically, Jean decided to run for the Presidency, the Grammy Award winner claimed throughout his life he has witnessed many tragedies, so he wanted to give back in a way. He asked, so what if he has sold one hundred million records? "What's the purpose?"

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