Writer Of XXXTentacion Book Say The Rapper's Death Was 'Premeditated'

Writer Of XXXTentacion Book Say The Rapper's Death Was 'Premeditated'
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Jonathan Reiss, an author who just completed a new book about the death of XXXTentacion , claims the rapper's death was pre-planned. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on the new book this week titled, Look at Me! The XXXTentacion Story.

Two years have gone by and the world is still discovering the circumstances which led to his death. Jonathan explores the life and times of XXXTentacion in his new book, including how he died, as well as how the men attacked him in on that fatal day.

As it was previously reported, XXXTentaction was shot and killed outside of a motorcycle shop in Florida approximately two years ago in 2018 . He died in June. Reportedly, the rapper was gunned down in the middle of the day by a group of men who blocked the road in front of the car he was driving, a BMW i8.

Dedrick Williams, one of the men who have been held responsible for X's murder, reportedly saw the luxury vehicle on several occasions. Reiss says this fact leads him to believe the murder was pre-planned.

According to HipHopDX, the 24th chapter of Deiss's new book explains how Dedrick lived in the same apartment building in January 2018, just a few months before he was shot dead in the summertime of the same year.

Around that time, XXXTentaction was speaking with a probation officer regarding home invasion charges, and Williams, on the other hand, was on probation for drug charges. Reiss says Williams noticed the fancy car in the parking lot and made a note of it.

On the 18th of June, he saw the car again while at the Bank of America near Riva Motorsports. Dedrick called three of his friends who were driving around the area looking for a person to steal from. Reportedly, the two suspects involved in the shooting walked into the motorsports store to confirm it really was the rapper.

According to Reiss, they tried to rob him of the bag of money he had, but XXXTentaction refused to give it up.

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