Workaholics Removes Episode Featuring Chris D'Elia Portraying A Pedophile

Workaholics Removes Episode Featuring Chris D'Elia Portraying A Pedophile
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Many of the major streaming platforms and networks, including Comedy Central, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, have eliminated the episode of Workaholics featuring Chris D'Elia portraying a child molester.

As it was previously reported, a number of women accused D'Elia, 40, of pursuing them for a sexual relationship when they were underage.

In response to the allegations, Chris's team released a series of email exchanges and messages which added more context, including a number of conversations in which girls reached out to Chris first, and he didn't respond.

Moreover, one message shows Chris refusing to talk to the girl after she reveals her age to him. Regardless, Chris has starred a pedophile in other series before, including Netflix's You. During the eighth episode of Workaholics' first season, Chris portrayed a pedophile.

The sitcom on Comedy Central aired for six years approximately from 2011 until 2017. It starred Anders Holm and Adam Devine. The episode featuring Chris was "To Buddy A Predator," and it first aired on the network in 2011.

The Put Up says that Chris D'Elia's episode is now missing from Comedy Central, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. In a statement to TMZ, Chris D'Elia said that he had offended people in his life before, but he never knowingly pursued underaged girls.

The comedian went on to say that all of his relationships have been consensual and authorized. He hasn't met or exchanged lewd photos with minors. As it was noted above, Chris recently starred in Netflix's series, You , alongside Penn Badgley.

In the series, Chris acted as a comic who also tries pursuing underage girls. Since the allegations came out, many of D'Elia's friends in the LA comedy scene commented, including Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino, who said they hoped Chris got the "help he needs."

Furthermore, Chris D'Elia was dropped by his talent agency once the Twitter allegations were reported in the mainstream press. Since then, the comedian/actor has been silent on social media, other than releasing the messages in full context earlier this month.

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