Woody Allen Says He Has Already Accomplished What #MeToo Has Been Striving For

Woody Allen Says He Has Already Accomplished What #MeToo Has Been Striving For
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According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Woody Allen spoke on the #MeToo allegations recently, arguing that for years, he has accomplished the purported goals of the #MeToo movement.

Just a few days after Scarlett Johansson publicly defined Woody Allen in a story for The Hollywood Reporter, Allen addressed the #MeToo movement, the allegations against him, as well as his track record for working with women in the industry.

Allen recently stated to reporters from France24 that he has worked with a plethora of women and no one has ever complained about him. Woody stated he has worked with women "in the top capacity," for years and they've always received the same pay as the men.

According to Woody, in many ways, he has already accomplished the purported goals of the #MeToo movement. Reportedly, Woody's newest movie, A Rainy Day In New York , will open in France this weekend at the Deauville Film Festival. Interestingly, Allen won't attend the premiere and none of the actors/actresses will either.

Despite the fact the distribution of the movie had been canceled by Amazon Studios in the United States, it will still be released across Europe.

Following the resurgence of focus on the charges brought by his adopted daughter, Dylan, stars who have worked with him including Rebecca Hall and Timothee Chalamet, have publicly denounced him and expressed regret.

Due to their purported feelings of guilt, both Chalamet and Rebecca Hall donated the money they earned from the movie to anti-abuse charities. Speaking on the effect this will have on the film's success, Allen said it didn't matter much, and the movie will eventually get a US release.

After the completion of A Rainy Day In New York , Woody Allen has already finished another movie in Spain and is currently in the middle of writing his next script. According to Woody, he doesn't care at all about the allegations against him in Hollywood because he never works there.

The director stated that he isn't concerned about the perception of Hollywood at all because he has never worked there. Allen added that he has pretty much always worked in New York instead. If people stopped financing his movies, he would continue to work because that's what he does.

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