Woody Allen Gearing Up To Shoot A New Movie In Spain Following $68,000,000 Amazon Lawsuit

Woody Allen Gearing Up To Shoot A New Movie In Spain Following $68,000,000 Amazon Lawsuit
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According to a statement obtained by the publication, The New York Times, Woody Allen has just begun filming for his latest movie in Spain. A company based out of Barcelona, who helped pay for such films as Midnight in Paris and Vicky Christina Barcelona, is now backing the project.

Currently, Allen's movie is in the beginning stages, but no details have been revealed about the set's location. Mediapro's statement to the Times said they have a long illustrious relationship with the controversial director, and they judge him by his work, not by the surrounding allegations.

This comes just two weeks after it was revealed Allen was in the middle of a very expensive lawsuit with Amazon studios following their refusal to release his latest movie. Allen is now filing a civil suit against the retail juggernauts for approximately $68,000,000.

The movie is called, A Rainy Day in New York , and Amazon canceled their four-picture deal with Allen due to the surrounding allegations against him which have reverberated for many years.

Allen accused Amazon of backing out of a contract at the last minute due to already well-known allegations from 1992. Dylan Farrow, Allen's adopted daughter, accused him of molesting her in an incident in the 1990s. The controversial director has been fighting against the story for years now.

In the past, Mediapro has worked with Amazon, but not on this particular project. Rumor has it that Amazon's decision to back out of their development deal with Amazon had a lot to do with the allegations against R. Kelly.

A documentary surrounding his life called, Surviving R. Kelly , was released on Lifetime at the beginning of the year, which caused a significant uproar. Now, the legendary R & B artist is facing against additional child sex charges.

While the nature of the accusations against R. Kelly and Allen are quite different, the speculation is that Amazon doesn't want a PR disaster on their hands as a consequence of a relationship with Woody. Nevertheless, while it appears as though charges will never be laid against Allen, Farrow's allegations have caused problems for him for years.

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