Woody Allen Drops Lawsuit Against Amazon Following Their Termination Of His Project

Woody Allen Drops Lawsuit Against Amazon Following Their Termination Of His Project
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According to a report from TheWrap.com, Woody Allen recently came to an agreement with Amazon Studios after they dropped a movie deal with him following his controversial remarks regarding the #MeToo movement.

Back in February of this year, Woody filed a $68 million lawsuit against the retailing and technology giant, claiming they didn't hold up their part of their contractually-obligated bargain. Amazon and Woody had a four-picture deal, which included A Rainy Day In New York.

This past Friday, Allen, as well as the aforementioned company, filed paperwork in a court in New York to throw out the lawsuit. The case was dismissed, which means that both parties agreed to move past the issue. Moreover, it can't and won't be brought back to court either.

It's not entirely clear under what terms the lawsuit was thrown out, claims The Hollywood Reporter, but the outlet stated that a settlement was, in fact, reached. As it was previously reported, in February of this year, Woody accused the company of failing to distribute one of his films after the allegations regarding his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, came to the surface for the umpteenth time.

Mr. Allen has repeatedly denied the claims made by his adopted daughter, however, following the #MeToo movement which kicked off again in 2017, the decades-old accusations came to the surface once again.

Amazon stated Allen's claims were baseless, and that they were justified in their decision to drop the four-picture deal after the controversial filmmaker made comments regarding the women's movement.

During the summertime of this year, a federal judge dismissed four of the claims against the company, stating that the filmmaker couldn't sue over a contract which included several movies.

The news of the dismissal comes after A Rainy Day In New York was released in Europe, but not in the United States. Thus far, the film hasn't found a US distributor. Previously, Woody Allen made more tense remarks when he stated he wasn't worried about working in Hollywood because he never really worked in the city that much to begin with.

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