Woman Who Accused R. Kelly Of Abuse Documented Everything In A New Book

Woman Who Accused R. Kelly Of Abuse Documented Everything In A New Book
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One of the women who accused R. Kelly of physical and sexual crimes, Kitti Jones, has put her alleged experiences in the confines of a book titled, "I Was Somebody Before This." Perhaps, the most strange part of her book is her choice of titles.

In a report from The Jasmine Brand, Jones - who accused R. Kelly of physical, sexual, and mental abuse just this past month - claims that the legendary singer starved her and forced her to have sex with him against her desires during their two-year relationship that began in 2011.

If a person is interested in finding out what the book holds within it, they might be thrown off by the incredibly bizarre choice of chapter headings such as, "She Looks A Lot Like The Girl From That Sex Tape," and "Always Call Me Daddy."

If that isn't bad enough, there is always a chapter titled, "Are You Getting Peed On?"

In a passage from her book, Jones claimed she "sat in the Chicago studio room," and she began to feel dizzy because she "hadn't eaten in two days."

As you know, Kitti Jones came out with allegations against R. Kelly this past month, and several other media reports have published similar claims against him.

However, the report that started it all began with BuzzFeed News who reported on the family who wanted their daughter - Jocelyn Savage - back.

Her father, Timothy Savage, stated Kelly wanted to take Jocelyn in to "help her with her career," but after some time, the family began to worry because she stayed longer than initially planned.

Savage's family claimed Kelly was "holding her hostage," but in a video released by the girl as obtained by TMZ, the young woman said she was "fine" and the media reports were ridiculous.

What's the truth here? Is R. Kelly guilty of crimes or is this woman merely publishing an exposé to profit from her short time in the limelight? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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