Woman Stabbed By Yaya Mayweather Opens Up About The Hard Recovery She's Going Through

Woman Stabbed By Yaya Mayweather Opens Up About The Hard Recovery She's Going Through
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Yaya Mayweather made headlines for her controversial relationship with rapper NBA Youngboy earlier this year when she stabbed a young woman that was at his house. The victim has recently taken to Instagram to talk about her hard recovery.

Yaya got arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon -- a charge that carries a sentence of 5 to 99 years in prison. She is currently out on bond.

Meanwhile, the woman that she is accused of assaulting is still recovering from the horrific incident.

Lapattra Lashai Jacobs took to social media to share the agony she has been through.

She accompanied a photo of her arm wrapped in a sling with a caption that read: 'At this point I'm still hurting , I don't think nobody can ever change it or make me feel happy again nobody knows what I went through these past Four months & continuing going through it , starting from the middle of March & so on. APRIL 3, 2020 I could've been dead & gone but I know what I can say is I THANK GOD FOR ANOTHER CHANCE TOO [sic] BE HERE ON THIS EARTH , I lost a lot , but they steady criticizing me about what I been through & BECAUSE I WONT SAY ANYTHING OR TELL MY BUSINESS. they tell you be yourself then make you feel bad about it , I can't help how I feel about myself & who I let in my life , y'all don't know nothing but what yall see on the internet.'

Lapattra went on to reveal the bullying that she's been receiving since the incident.

'Since APRIL 3, I been getting call all kinds of names because I'm not the person y'all want me to be. I have some on my side, some not, & some just on my side to get in my business. They keep telling me be strong but this a situation that's going to always have me weak. Then my arm and hand still f**k up no telling when it will get back to normal. EVERY DOCTORS VISIT ITS ALWAYS BADS NEWS like I can't get enough this is so stressful, depressing, etc. ALL I SEE IS DARK DAYS DARK CLOUD NOW! NOT GOING TO SAY MUCH BUT ITS BEEN ROUGH.'

After the shocking assault, NBA Youngboy referred to Floyd Mayweather's daughter as his 'wife' but has since seemingly moved on with another woman.

Hopefully, Jacobs is able to heal completely from the traumatic event.

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