Woman Involved With Kathryn Dennis Firing Refuses To Accept Apology

Woman Involved With Kathryn Dennis Firing Refuses To Accept Apology
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Earlier this week, Kathryn Dennis found herself in hot water after she was accused of sending racist messages to another woman. Page Six picked up on screen-shotted messages from Dennis in which she used the "monkey" emoji to refer to another person.

Since the controversy first began, Kathryn Dennis, the Southern Charm star, has officially been dropped from her position as a brand ambassador for a South Carolina clothing store. In their statement, the organization claimed they were a "minority-owned business," and they couldn't get behind what Dennis had to say through direct messages.

They claimed her comments don't reflect the values of their company. On her Instagram account this Wednesday, Gwynn's of Mount Pleasant wrote that her affiliation as a brand ambassador was temporary and on a contractual basis.

In other words, Kathryn was relieved of her duties with the brand and won't be working with them anymore. Reportedly, the 28-year-old reality star and Gadsden got into a dispute over direct messages regarding a "Trump Boat Parade" thrown by organizations in Charleston, South Carolina.

Reportedly, Dennis and Gadsden argued over whether or not supporting the president, Donald Trump, made her a racist by proxy. BuzzFeed picked up on the messages to Gadsden in which she called her a "psycho."

Dennis later addressed the controversy by apologizing profusely for using the emoji. She said that she sincerely was regretful for using the emoji and hopes she didn't offend anyone else. Dennis went on to say that she would reconsider how she uses words in the future.

Gadsden, on the other hand, was not impressed with the apology. She took to her Twitter to say that the apology was not accepted. In other news, Kathryn Dennis has been accused of trying to expose a purported affair between Cameran and Rebecca Wash.

The makeup artist released a statement claiming she doesn't know Eubanks or her husband either. In a statement, she claimed the accusations were "hurtful" as well as "lies."

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