Woman Enters Kardashians' West Hollywood DASH Store With Gun

Woman Enters Kardashians' West Hollywood DASH Store With Gun
Source: youtube.com

The DASH employees were quite scared when a woman holding a gun entered the Kardashian business on Thursday. According to the West Hollywood Sheriff’s department’s Watch Commander, the said female entered the store and pulled out a gun, but apparently, she was not trying to rob Dash.

It was about 11 A.M. when she showed up armed with a revolver, mumbling incoherent words that seemed to have no relation to do the Kardashians.

After she just knocked some stuff off of the counter, she took her leave.

‘It does not look like it was a robbery or anything. It appears that she walked in, had a handgun, knocked some stuff off a counter and walked out,’ the Watch Commander explained, adding that the investigation is still ongoing as the mystery armed woman is at large.

However, even though the incident did not end in a robbery, it has happened before.

DASH got robbed back in January when the criminal stole merchandise worth between $1,400 and $1,600.

Knowing how Kim Kardashian also went through a terrifying robbery while in France last year, it looks like the rich and famous family is the target of theft quite a lot.

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