Woman Claims To Be The Daughter Of Rapper Jay-Z

Woman Claims To Be The Daughter Of Rapper Jay-Z
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It's been a weird week for the hip-hop world. After it was confirmed that the rapper, Future, fathered another child with a different woman, another woman came out to say that the legendary rapper, Jay-Z, was actually her father.

At the moment, Jay-Z is married to the songstress, Beyonce, and they have three children together including Rumi, Sir, and Blue Ivy. A new woman, however, 28, claims that Jay-Z is actually her father. La'Teasha Macer claims she has known that Jay-Z was her father for her entire life.

Her family members online, additionally, have been supporting the claim. Bossip was the first to report that Macer was born in 1990 in Cambridge, Maryland. Her aunt was the one to introduce her mother to the iconic 4:44 artist.

As their story goes, they started a sexual relationship and she later had a baby that belongs to the rapper. When she tried to get into contact with Roc-A-Fella Records, they purportedly laughed at her and hung up the phone.

You can check out one of posts related to the controversy below:

As it was noted above, Future has also been embroiled in a new baby momma scandal, although, it's hard to say it's a scandal considering fans have noted that it's business as usual for the "Mask Off" rapper. Reportedly, Future has a 1-year-old child with Eliza Reign.

Earlier this week, Future conducted an interview in which he had nothing but praise for his children. He claimed that his kids have "boss DNA" which he obviously gave to them, so it's not improbable that his kids will go on to great things.

Other entertainment figures, however, have had a different opinion. For instance, the host of the Wendy Williams Show, Williams, shamed any hypothetical women who "lie down" with the rapper.

The television show host went on to say that any woman who allows themselves to be impregnated by Future is clearly lacking in self-respect. This came not long after Future and Sara Molina got into a bit of a verbal spat as well.

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