Woman Claims That Charlie Rose "Forced Her" To Watch Explicit Film

Woman Claims That Charlie Rose "Forced Her" To Watch Explicit Film
Credit: Source: TheWallStreetJournal.com

Another woman claims that Charlie Rose behaved inappropriately toward her following the report that eight women suffered abuse under the former news anchorman. Due to the scandal, PBS and CBS fired the 75-year-old from the position.

Charlie's former intern, Sarah Gordon, claims that one evening she went to deliver his mail and was forced to sit in his living room and watch a "sexually explicit" scene in a movie. The film in question is the 2002 flick starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, "Secretary."

Gordom claimed that she went into the room and he said to her, "I want to show you this scene from this movie." He turned on the movie, "Secretary," and there was a sexual scene involving S&M.

Sarah alleged that Charlie asked how it made her feel and she said, "Well, I guess some people are really into this, and I'm not."

Additionally, The Washington Post claims that Charlie Rose used to walk around naked and grope women's bodies who worked near him. In response to the accusations against him, Charlie took responsibility but denied some of the allegations as "untruthful."

However, he acknowledged his profoundly inappropriate behavior at times and is "greatly embarrassed." He said, "I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings."

As you may already know, Rose came under fire recently for a slew of allegations mostly related to sexual misconduct. Rose is just one of many men to lose their job recently including Bill O'Reilly, Mark Halperin, Harvey Weinstein, and many others.

Most recently, Melissa Schuman accused Nick Carter of raping her fifteen years ago when they worked on a TV movie together. After a cascade of allegations against prominent public figures, one can only wonder who will be next?

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