Winnie Harlow Accused Of Being A 'Mean Girl' On Twitter After Bumping Into A Woman At A Bar

Winnie Harlow Accused Of Being A 'Mean Girl' On Twitter After Bumping Into A Woman At A Bar
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Winne Harlow, the model, recently took to her Twitter account to apologize to a fan who claims she bumped into her at a party. Page Six picked up on a tweet from an upset fan who accused the fashion model of "bulldozing" her at a party.

Dimplez Ijeoma said on Thursday that she had a crazy encounter with Winnie Harlow while at a listening party for Teyana Taylor's new record in Los Angeles. Ijeoma said that Winnie was so "ugly" as a "human being" despite her good looks.

Harlow said on her account that she didn't know what Ijeoma was talking about, to which the music-industry insider and marketer said Winnie was guilty of "mean-girl type behavior." She said that she pushed herself to the front of the drink line and then asked her manager to call her to ask to take the tweet down.

Harlow responded by saying that she and everyone else at the party were "tipsy," and she was sorry if her actions came off that way to her. Harlow also said it was an "open bar," and it wasn't her intent to come off as a mean girl.

The fashion model also addressed the allegation that she got her manager involved with the situation. She said she just woke up in the morning to receive the message and she never had anyone do anything on her behalf.

In other news, Harlow has been rumored to be in a relationship with Kyle Kuzma , the LA Lakers player. Insiders have stated to multiple publications that the pair of celebs have been spending a lot of time together amid the coronavirus quarantine.

They were spotted in public wearing masks while also holding hands, which later sparked the dating rumors. Fans of Kyle know that he has been spotted around models before, including Kendall Jenner. They were seen on a yacht together.

Insiders didn't know if they were dating or not, but regardless, social media users used the pictures as a way of continuing to gossip about Kendall's relationship with NBA players.

Winnie Harlow, on the other hand, was linked to Wiz Khalifa for approximately one year.

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