Willow Smith Talks About Her Daring Hair-Shaving Decision

Willow Smith Talks About Her Daring Hair-Shaving Decision
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The two-time Emmy Award nominee discussed why she actually decided to shave her head two decades after the release of her breakthrough single, "Whip My Hair," in a Glamour UK conversation that was released on Thursday.

Smith, now 21 years old, explained her decision to the source, saying, "I prefer to see a flare on my scalp, a reflection of light." She continued, "Shaving my head is perhaps the most extreme thing I've committed in the name of beauty.

As a Black woman, Smith emphasized in her interview with the magazine that she had a complex relationship with her hair and skin as a child, which she described as "a learning curve.

Whatever my mood may be, I enjoy doing that. I don't want to dwell on it for too long, "She described her styling preferences. I adore using it freely. Simply being yourself, in my opinion, maybe radical.

She said, "I had to look up to other attractive Black ladies." Just seeing someone who, like myself, doesn't let what society thinks about them bring them down inspires me. That, I believe, was my biggest impact growing up.

Smith chopped her head live on stage in a pop-punk performance of her song in July of last year, "My Hair Is Whip. It was the dramatic climax of her Facebook Live performance for her fourth studio album, Willow in Concert: Lately, I Feel Everything.

She recently underwent a performing artwork at the Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles in March 2020, during which she endured 24 hours in a glass room and had her head shaved.

Smith later reflected on the experience when speaking on a Red Table Talk episode, "I feel like I was just releasing a lot of memories and emotional baggage." I simply let it go after six or seven years of feeling.



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