Willow Smith Says Her Parents' Marriage Was So Bad That She Hoped They'd Split!

Willow Smith Says Her Parents' Marriage Was So Bad That She Hoped They'd Split!
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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith seem to have the ideal marriage that everyone aspires to have. However, as it turns out, they had problems as well!

In fact, it was so bad at some point that their daughter, Willow really hoped they would actually divorce since it seemed like the best situation for everyone involved.

During an interview with People magazine, Jada opened up about the beginning of her battle with depression almost 10 years ago.

Furthermore, her and Will’s marriage made her feel ‘suffocated by what she saw as unrealistic expectations of the conventional marriage paradigm,’ reports the news outlet.

The despair caused her to sink to some really dark places and while she would’ve done anything to protect her young ones from having to see her like that, they still noticed.’

The now 18-year-old Willow told People that she did think about her parents splitting at the time and realized she was fine with it.

‘It crossed my mind a lot. I was like, ‘I would rather them divorce than just keep being unhappy in the same home.’ Once they realized they had individual work that they needed to do and started doing it, everything changed. The communication was much smoother and there is almost no tension between them.’

Willow also mentioned that nowadays, her mom and dad have a beautiful and true friendship.

Furthermore, the actress admitted that she never wanted to get married but her mother insisted and since Will wanted a family, she thought she would try it out

In the beginning, it was exhausting for Jada to juggle the careers of her family members and her own.

She reached her breaking point in 2009 when she felt ‘depleted.’

‘I had to take time and figure out what I wanted for myself. I had to put everybody aside and ask, ‘what would I do each day if it was just Jada?’ I had no idea.’

Her relationship with Will was also redefined after she redefined herself and so, today, the two like to say they are not married but rather that they have a ‘partnership.’

‘I don’t own him. He does not own me. He has to be his own person first, and vice versa….love is freedom,’ Jada stated.


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