Willow Smith Claims Kobe Bryant Inspired Her To Spend 24 Hours In A Box

Willow Smith Claims Kobe Bryant Inspired Her To Spend 24 Hours In A Box
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On the 11th of March, Willow Smith showed the world that she's ready to be vulnerable. Reportedly, the Red Table Talk star will spend an entire day in a box to experience a variety of emotions before finally coming to "acceptance."

Reportedly, the "Whip My Hair" artist will go through feelings of "paranoia, rage, sadness, numbness, euphoria, strong interest, compassion, and then acceptance." The LA Times was the first to reveal that Willow will be in the enclosed figure for around 3 hours apiece.

Willow has explained previously that the death of the LA Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant, was one of the main reasons she chose to put on the exhibit. As most know, Kobe died on the 26th of January after a helicopter crash involving eight other people, including his teenage daughter.

Smith said to reporters that people are living in a world where anything can happen due to its chaotic nature. Will Smith's only daughter claimed every person is unaware of what will happen in their future, and the anxiety regarding the right or wrong choices often feels insurmountable.

As for her collaborators, Smith will be working alongside Tyler Cole, who also struggles with severe anxiety. This isn't the first time the duo has worked on a project before, including their last effort together, The Anxiety.

During her chat with the Los Angeles Times, Smith hypothesized on the greatness of such an experience, an experience where a person can move through each stage until finally reaching a "place of acceptance and joy." Reportedly, she and Tyler will release their project together following the exhibit.

People who attend the show can see Smith and Cole go through all of the stages through a glass wall. Both sides of the wall are painted with affirmations. While addressing potential critics, Willow stated she and Tyler know that it's a "very sensitive subject," but this is how they intend to tackle and represent it.

Willow is the only daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, and the brother of Jaden Smith. She co-hosts Red Table Talk with her mother and grandmother.

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