Willie Geist Says Matt Lauer Is Doing Well Following His Firing

Willie Geist Says Matt Lauer Is Doing Well Following His Firing
Source: Mediaite.com

Willie Geist, the co-host on the Today Show which Matt Lauer was recently fired from, spoke on his relationship with the former host since producers let him go last year. Geist said he, in fact, has spoken with Matt since he lost his job. Geist talked with the disgraced host on his 60th birthday.

The 42-year-old, Geist, said Matt was as "good as he can be" following his termination because of sexual misconduct allegations made in November of 2017. The host of Morning Joe said Lauer is "reconnecting" with his family and friends since his embarrassing media blowout.

NBC recently announced the replacement of Lauer by his former host, Hoda Kotb, along with the previous co-anchor, Savannah Guthrie. The pair of women revealed the exciting news on the second of January.

Willie previously explained he was happy for both of the women because he's known them for a long time and knows they'll do a great job.

He claimed they're "honest-to-goodness friends" and he's incredibly happy for the both of them. Geist stated, "they're kicking butt."

For a short while, after Matt lost his position as the primary host of the Today Show, producers at the network worried that the ratings would tank. However, following his firing, the score went up briefly, and now they're at their average level.

Sources at the time claimed Matt's attorneys wanted to get a payout from the network because they fired him before his contract ended.

However, insiders close to industry executives said they might have wanted a payout, but it wasn't going to happen due to the nature of his job loss. Matt was just one of many men to be accused of such crimes in 2017, with Charlie Rose and Bill O'Reilly being equally as prominent.


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  • JP
    JP Jan 10, 2018 11:58 AM PST

    Willie Heist is disgusting so him saying his predator friend is doing well...doesn't mean ish.

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