Will Smith To Play Young Serena And Venus Williams’ Father In ‘King Richard!’

Will Smith To Play Young Serena And Venus Williams’ Father In ‘King Richard!’
Credit: Source: etonline.com

According to new reports, Will Smith might just get to star in King Richard, taking on the role of one of the greatest tennis coaches ever – none other than Richard Williams! As you may be aware, Williams is also the father of the sport’s legendary sisters, Venus and Serena Williams!

The news that Will Smith is one of the favorites for the role was revealed earlier today.

King Richard is a project that tells Richard Williams’ story and will be focusing on the Louisiana man managing to train two tennis champions without any experience in coaching beforehand, multiple outlets shared.

Deadline reports that Richard planned everything in great detail.

Apparently, he had a 78 pages long plan for Venus and Serena’s careers in the sport that would later make them famous, when they were no older than four!

As for the practical bit, it is known that the dedicated father taught his girls the basics of tennis on some of Compton’s neglected courts.

The hustle was so real that he apparently would have to sometimes chase locals off the courts so that they would be free to use for their training sessions.

Those were definitely some very humble beginnings but Richard’s determination combined with his daughters’ talent and love for the game would help them become some of the biggest names in the game!

That being said, their achievements are truly impressive.

Venus has won 7 Grand Slams, while her sister Serena has managed to claim no less than 23 such titles!

At the moment, Will Smith is still working on Bad Boys for Life so he’d need to wrap up production before taking on such a legendary role in ‘King Richard.’

Do you think the actor is perfect for the role or do you have someone else in mind?


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