Will Smith Says His Family Called Him 'Pudge Muffin' When He Weighed 225 Pounds

Will Smith Says His Family Called Him 'Pudge Muffin' When He Weighed 225 Pounds
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Will Smith recently described the light-hearted body-shaming he endured from his family when he got up to 225 pounds. For the most part, the actor has managed to keep himself in very good shape, however, that changed this past summer when he started eating around 4-5 muffins each morning.

On the 23rd of Monday, Will sat down with the host of the Facebook show, Jada Pinkett - his wife - and they recalled their family vacation together. Will claimed his family started calling him "pudge muffin," considering he had managed to gain weight all the way up to 225 pounds.

According to Mr. Smith, he's never weighed that much before, as he had gotten to 223 pounds on Ali. However, on the "muffin boat," as he called it, he got to 225. Will stated that he managed to put on all the weight when he started to let himself slack on his dietary standards.

According to Will, his movie, Aladdin, was very successful, so he chose to celebrate by having all kinds of muffins as well as a Moscow mule every morning. That was his routine for approximately ten days, and he'd often go right back to sleep.

However, after arriving home, the 50-year-old actor, right away, got back to his usual routine and began a 10-day fast. Even though it managed to work for his weight loss, it didn't help his energy.

The Aladdin alum found out his blood pressure was at precarious levels, but a 10-day fast managed to get everything back to normal. Will explained that he knew how to eat food for putting on muscle, but he didn't know how to eat to actually be "healthy."

On the same topic of nutrition, Jada Pinkett-Smith and her husband claim they decided to speak with their son, Jaden, about his dramatic weight-loss and energy depletion once he went vegan. Now, the "Icon" rapper is intermittently switching between veganism and a vegetarian diet.

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