Will Smith Says He Felt 'Trapped By Being' Himself When He Turned 50

Will Smith Says He Felt 'Trapped By Being' Himself When He Turned 50
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The actor confessed that turning 50 years old came with a little bit of an existential crisis but it did not take him long to literally spring into action! Will Smith explained that the new milestone made him feel like he was ‘trapped’ in his own body and identity!

Will Smith, who is now playing the Genie in the upcoming Aladdin live-action reboot, turned 50 back in September!

A couple of months later, in February, he started his own Facebook Watch series tiled Will Smith's Bucket List and the name says it all!

Will decided to go out of his comfort zone and do things he had always wanted but never did before such as stand-up comedy, swim with sharks, drive a race car or even get good at Bollywood dancing!

During one episode of The Graham Norton Show, Will dished on what pushed him to start this new adventure.

‘I'd turned 50 and I'd created this wonderful life and this wonderful career, but I felt trapped by being Will Smith. I have kids so I cannot do that, or I am famous so I cannot say that, or people look at me so I cannot behave like that. So part of the bucket list is to give myself freedom to do all the things I had put in my mind that I could not do. I am now being adventurous, and I have always wanted to be that.’

The Hollywood celebrity explained that a ‘huge part’ of his early years was ‘marked by fear.’

He added that ‘You can generate great things, you can succeed and win, but you can never really be happy if you are scared.’

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