Will Smith Says Happy Birthday To Ex-Wife Sheree Zampino

Will Smith Says Happy Birthday To Ex-Wife Sheree Zampino
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Will Smith still has a lot of admiration and respect for his ex-wife, Sheree Zampino. On Friday, Will wished his ex-spouse happy birthday wishes, referring to her as the "best baby mama ever," and posting a photo of the two holding their son Trey, who is now 26-years-old.

Zampino replied to Will's well wishes on the 'Gram, thanking him for being so kind, as well as respecting Jada Pinkett Smith's capacity for understanding and compassion.

While most women would be upset by the idea of their husband wishing his ex-wife a "happy birthday," this merely wasn't the case for Jada, who appeared to be very appreciative of and sympathetic to their amicability.

Sheree said on Instagram that she was grateful for Jada Pinkett Smith's ability to understand in addition to her co-parenting abilities. As most know, Jada and Will have two children together, Jaden and Willow, who are both slowly encroaching 20-years-old: Jaden is 19-years-old and Willow is 17-years-old.

Trey and Sheree share Trey, who is in his mid-twenties and is rarely spoken of in the media for unexplained and undisclosed reasons. A lot of people in the Hollywood sphere aren't even aware that Will has a third child.

Previously, Sheree appeared on Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith and the two reflected on their mutual romance with Will Smith -  one of the biggest Hollywood stars.

Moreover, Jada had on her former nemesis, Gabrielle Union, whom Will co-starred alongside in the first Bad Boys movie with Martin Lawrence. Bad Boys was one of the first big movies for Will, who had just gotten finished starring in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, the series that saw his success an actor explode.

Recently, Will and Martin announced that another Bad Boys movie was in the works. The first one came out in 1995 and the second in 2003. Since then Lawrence has rarely been seen in the spotlight.

Around that same time, Will's love life involving both Jada Pinkett and Sheree was rapidly changing. After much deliberation and thinking, Will realized he was meant for Jada. Regardless, it's great to see Will and Zampino still have a great relationship together, despite his marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith.

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