Will Smith Looks Nothing Like Himself On Set Of Biopic As Venus And Serena Williams' Father!

Will Smith Looks Nothing Like Himself On Set Of Biopic As Venus And Serena Williams' Father!
Credit: Source: people.com

As you might know, Will Smith is currently filming for a new movie titled ‘King Richard’ in which he portrays none other than legendary tennis players Venus and Serena Williams’ father. That being said, the actor was photographed on set with his on-screen daughters and it’s safe to say that he looked really different!

Will was nearly unrecognizable in the role that he’s transformed into for the biopic.

The film will be all about the tennis champion sisters and their father who is also the man who trained them from early on.

The young Williams sisters are played by 13 year old Saniyya Sidney, who portrays Venus and 12 year old Demi Singleton, who is Serena on screen.

That being said, Will Smith and the young actresses were caught on camera on a tennis court in L.A.

The renowned actor was wearing a pink polo shirt, red shorts and high socks, typical tennis player gear for that point in time.

Furthermore, he also sported a salt and pepper beard, which is probably the main thing that made him unrecognizable

There is no doubt that he looked like he belonged in the ‘90s when the film’s storyline is also set.

In some pics Will looks very serious and stern while in front of a tennis ball cart, being true to the real life father of Serena and Venus who is known to having pushed them to be in top mental and physical condition as they trained to become the best in the field.

Furthermore, Will was also caught on camera alongside The Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal as well since the latter is portraying the sisters’ coach Rick Macci.

He was wearing a multicolored polo, short shorts and a mustache and as they were filming a scene together, the two male actors were laughing.


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