Will Smith Joins Instagram And Trolls Justin Timberlake For Infamous Superbowl Mishap

Will Smith Joins Instagram And Trolls Justin Timberlake For Infamous Superbowl Mishap
Source: The Today Show

Will Smith has finally joined the wonderful world of Instagram just a week before his new movie "Bright" premieres on Netflix. The movie star has already gotten into a hilarious Insta-fight with another celebrity friend.

The father of three uploaded a photo of himself when he was a few months old along with the caption: "Y'all ain't got no filters like this."

Justin Timberlake, who is a close friend of the A-lister, decided that he wanted to school him on what a "throwback Thursday" was.


Smith fired back and made a controversial joke while doing so.

He said in the video he uploaded: "Thanks a lot man for the post and the brief education about Instagram because this is my first day so I'm appreciating the hook-up. Man I know what Throwback Thursday is, I ain't been in a hole!"


Will went on to say that he heard about Justin's 2018 Superbowl gig and he wanted to give him some advice on what to avoid.

That's when he flashed his nipple on camera. It was a reference to the last time Timberlake performed at the Superbowl and accidentally made Janet Jackson have a nip-slip.

Fans thought the video was hilarious. However, since it was announced that Justin would be the halftime entertainment it's received mixed reviews.

Some think that it's unfair that Janet Jackson was banned from performing at the sports event again while Justin received no punishment although the lewd moment was actually his fault.

The NFL has cleared those rumors up recently. The spokesperson explained that there is no ban in place but was mum on whether or not Janet would be returning with Justin.

"There's no ban. We are not going to comment on any speculation regarding potential guests. There may be no guests. Along with Pepsi, we’re excited to have Justin Timberlake," the spokesperson explained to TMZ.


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