Will Smith demanded to "voluntarily" return the Oscar

Will Smith demanded to "voluntarily" return the Oscar
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According to actor Harry J. Lennix, this is the only way to restore the "good name" of the film award
Member of the US Film Academy, American actor Harry J. Lennix said that his colleague Will Smith should return his "Oscar. " He wrote about this in his column for Variety.

According to the artist, at the moment, the only person who can restore the "good name" of this film award is Smith himself.

"He needs to realize the severity of the offense he committed: to slap the Rock live on March 27 in front of millions at the Oscars," Lennix said.

In his opinion, Smith should send his golden trophy back to the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts by express mail and make a public statement like: "Out of respect for 94 years of honor and respect for this award, I do not feel worthy of being its keeper."

"Smith's cruelty robbed the evening of its prestige. This was proven when the stunned Oscar attendees gave a standing ovation to whoever had just committed an attack in front of their eyes," Lennix wrote.

He also noted that the "blot" at the Film Academy is not so easy to get rid of.
"Justified Mercy's only hope should be for Smith to return his Best Actor Award voluntarily," the columnist added.

The actor took to the stage at the March 27 Oscars and slapped host Chris Rock because the comedian joked about the "very short haircut" of Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who suffers from an autoimmune disease that causes her hair to fall out.

Later, when Smith went on stage to receive the Best Actor award for King Richard, the actor wept, apologized, and said it was important in life to protect his family, just as his character Richard Williams, the father of tennis players Serena and Venus Williams, did.


On April 2, Smith announced that he was leaving the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This came shortly after the Academy's Board of Governors initiated a self-proclaimed "disciplinary proceeding" against Smith.

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