Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith's Son Jaden Smith Doesn't Show Up On ‘Red Table Talk’ To Protect Grandma Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith's Son Jaden Smith Doesn't Show Up On ‘Red Table Talk’ To Protect Grandma Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Credit: Source: theblast.com

As usual, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s family met up for another episode of Red Table Talk but their son, Jaden was missing from the shooting. But the reason why he skipped had a lot to do with the topic of the episode!

Fans know that they encouraged people to ‘practice social distancing and the idea of flattening the curve’ while shooting the Facebook segment and that is exactly what Jaden did by not showing up alongside them.

In the meantime, Will and Jade brought Dr. Michael Osterholm on the show in order to discuss the current COVID-19 pandemic with a specialist.

The husband and wife were not the only ones who came together for this special episode of the Facebook talk show as their daughter Willow and oldest son, Trey Smith were in attendance as well.

Furthermore, Jada’s mother Adrienne Banfield Norris, as well as 21 year old son Jaden were not there this time around, pretty much practicing what the rest of the family is preaching on Red Table Talk.

This comes as many doctors are urging people to practice what has been dubbed as ‘social distancing.’

Apparently, Jaden took this decision to skip the show for the sake of his grandmother who is 66 and falls into the category of people at a higher risk.

As a result, Jaden thought it would be better for him not to participate in the family show as to protect his grandmother.

Of course, the rest of the family did not let the virus stop them from making a special edition of the show as to inform the general public as much as possible.

Will even used an analogy to explain why it’s so important to ‘flatten the curve’ by self-quarantining: ‘Imagine our local hospital can handle forty respiratory patients at a time. And under normal circumstances, forty respiratory patients, for that hospital's a lot. You know, they will be at twelve or fifteen, so they can handle it. The reason why we need social distancing and the whole idea of flattening the curve is if fifty people show up at that hospital at a time, to get forty beds, right, now you have ten people in critical condition that are not going to get help.’

‘And your mortality rate just shoots through the roof. That is the idea of overwhelming the system. So there's a certain amount of people we can handle nationally to come in with critical respiratory issues at one moment,’ the actor went on to explain.


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